Picture Frames

I don't believe you when you tell me you love me 
You say we embraced our hopes and fears,
The only thing I remember was the rain pour
You were stuck here
Watching how it ran off my cheeks and soaked the creases under my eyes
I let it overflow me
Liquid courage 
Producing shadows and stars for you to reach.
I framed my broken pictures, 
Placing them tightly between my finger tips
I Made your eyes to see behind the cracks and smudged prints,
I tried to show you how deeply I could plunged my arms
And how far I could sink my teeth 
I wanted to give you so much more than a few dusty pieces of broken glass
and this crumpled old picture of my heart.
Maybe if I was stronger
Maybe if I was more honest with myself,
Maybe you would have heard me when I tried to tell you I loved you.
When I woke up the nexxt day the only thing left behind was a note,
It said, "I love you too, but your picture doesn't belong here"
I was never a lair, but sometimes I wish I was
No one ever told me how honesty can hurt so much

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