Picture it Perfect and Carpe-freaking-Diem

There's a moment, you see, as the sun goes down

Where everything is flawless from sky to ground.


In instances like these before orange turns to grey,

I wish in this moment I could forever stay.
But wait-oh my! Could it possibly be..
The twenty-first century where the 'camera''s a thing
I reach for a lens 'fore the feeling slips 'way
And line up the view to savor the lasts of day.
"Snap" the camera shutters as the night comes in-
the picture is flawless, just as the dusk had been.
I flip through each photo taken that year
Each one is perfect, each one I hold dear
For on bad days they remind me that life can and should
Have at least something happen to each person that's good.
That everyone is flawless in some shape or way
Helps me to believe in humanity, and look for the next day.
As I lay on the ground, camera by my side
I relish each brilliant moment
'til morning's nigh.
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