Pit Bull Speeches

Some dogs don’t have to prove their strength -

Everyone knows a Shih Tzu

can’t beat a Pit Bull - Even you

I think, has way more than a tenth

of what I will have, Sir Shih Tzu -

I wish I could be more like you.


Some people don’t have to prove their power -

All they have to do is voice new

ideas that leave their own hue -

Unlike them, I tend to cower

and could never prove my value -

I wish I could be more like you.


Some others, still - others like me

tremble and can not continue

in the face of an impromptu

Speech - How could we possibly?

But we can - our voice overdue.

We don’t have to be more like you.


We are the same as “You” -

Never again will we be subdued -

Take the impromptu cue

and fight that Pit Bull -

Running away is inexcusable.

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