Before you even noticed him
I saw you
You liked him
But, I crave you
What am I gonna do?
He’s just a masquerader
That’ll never get it
Only asking you can I hit it?
Can I hit it?
Guys play the game
If it be true
All chicks are the same

Seduced by any and everything
Elaborate dreams
Thug Fiends
What does it mean?
Busy focusing on an unreachable career
So therefore they fear
The Eternal Party
Moulin Rouge
Out in the loose

Tender to the Particular
That lack élan vital
Garuda’s presence enters

Ad nauseam I speak peculiar idiosyncrasies
Weaponry isn’t in bulk
Not on deck to defend
Battlefield full of disturbing
Images of her and him
Hurtful words shouted at me
Earth full of nonsense
To lead us to an unknown planet
Sanity and Simplicity isn’t on a tangent
I, Him, Her, She, We’re Plain

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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