A poem describing my hometown of New Orleans in the imagination of a women

Wed, 07/15/2015 - 23:04 -- asher

 She's the most beautiful thing you could ever see. From her long black hair to her beautiful smile and don't get me started on her body. She's been battered and beaten reinvented and reloved but I still love her like no other. Her attitude is more than a category 5. One wrong action and she'll have you buried in those things she calls beads that she's collected over time but in 2005 she was considered a widow. Losing all her companions In a 3 day span but it continues. Those body's you see laying face down on bourbon street are doing more than just showing love they've lost their lives trying to protect her. She's so used to being hugged and loved and thrown to the side by these lames we call touristt that should show her a little more respect. Because of that It's been multiple times people have tried to get down on one knee but never rose again. But when she's happy? Her peers screaming with joy, saxophone, piano keys and guitars strings give her a rhythm that her body moves so swiftly to. The beginning of the sound followed by the vocals of those who've came before us. They wouldn't allow her to be treated the way she does. People work her like a slave for these meals she prepares daily sweating hot over the stove. Oh my my my how her jambalaya,gumbo, seafood serves it's own purpose. She can make a full course meal that'll feed the world.  I fell in love with this girl. I just couldn't seem to tame her. Her late nights roaming the streets of bourbon having tourist photograph and look at her as if they've never seen a gorgeous women with so much class and a little jazz to her.  I was scared she would cheat on me. She use to get wet uncontrollably and that'll have me wondering who was she thinking bout. But If I was to find anyone rapped in her sheets they would be placed in the oil spilled gulf of her soul.  Until they realize she's much more than a fucking tourist attraction !! She's my heart!! my soul!! the very being that's birth me !! And to see her unleash so much anger in the last couple of years hurts me more than a ever. While I countine my stay with her big brother Houston. We try to find a way to settle her. My heart, my love, the city of New Orleans.

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