A Poem for You

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 21:43 -- mej6856

Notice beauty in the way the girl voices her opinion with confidence and stature.

Find passion in the way the artist continues to pour his soul into the artwork that no one stop to look at.

See admiration in the way the couple on the sidewalks hands are smushed together in a tight kiss on a cold winter day.

Open your heart to the girl who struggles to wake up every bitter morning and had to face the cruel world with open eyes.

Reach out to those who aren't as able and well as you are.

Care for those who care for you.

Listen to those who will listen in return with an open heart.

Share your knoweledge with anyone who is willing to learn.

Give back to anyone who has once shared with you.

Don't change who you are to accomodate other people's thoughts and ideas.

Make your outcome the one you know you deserve.

But always make sure to love yourself, like I love you.


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