Poetic Power

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 21:23 -- JotaE

A little bit of poetry can help feed the brain

A good anology, would be, trees and rain

Not only that but it can also help ease some pain

The way clots stop, and block, bleeding veins

So it can be therapeutic, teach as a tutor

Act as a unique set of humour

Also even indeed spread a rumour

The list is long

So for the art form to be dismissed is wrong

Using it, you could even make Christmas poems

Your poetry could even transform into songs

I did it in reverse, music I fiddled with it first

I would spit a little verse, to remember I rehearsed

It's something very cathartic about speaking ya mind

Since people can't read it, it allow them to see what's inside

Standing the test of time poetry is sublime


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