Some think poetry is boring or a waste. I don't waste ink just to pass the time. I write because poetry is where I can find myself. 
It's amazing how you can find out so many things about yourself just by using a pen and paper.
I was never a person to always say how they feel or to speak up when needed. 
I always had a lock on my mouth- on my thoughts- that I could never really find the key to.  
Instead of trying to run around and figure out where I fit in. Instead of keeping my mouth shut because I'm scared you won't accept me. 
I  know exactly where I belong.
Poetry is Where I have a voice.
Where I can stop running and start living.
Through my poetry- through the words that I speak- I don't want you to just hear my words, I want you to FEEL my words. 
Feel my emotions that expand through my body and reach for yours.
Don't just feel my words because I say so. 
Feel the words that I speak because my words are powerful.
I am powerful.
Where I can be ME.
The Beauty
The Creativity.
The Imagination.
The Complexity and sense Hope.
makes it all worth while. 


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