Poetry Within Me


United States
33° 33' 33.642" N, 82° 9' 37.746" W

For someone with as many issues as me
The only way to escape is poetry
For a person who doesn't shine bright like a celebrity
My own light was the gift of poetry

Self-esteem is a scarcity
For someone as low as me
My soul sunk lower than the sea
Insults toward myself is quite easy

Poetry helped me gain my strength
My heart found its own wavelength
I could finally accept my faults
Not conform to everyone’s default

Without this skill I found of mine
I would have been empty inside
Broke down within myself and cried
Believing in the negativity and lies

This poem is dedicated to the younger me
The one who wouldn't find her glee
The rhythm that was begging to come out
In order to shine from this day on and without doubt

If I didn't discover it
If I just let the depression sit
If I denied myself from the grit
I wouldn't have heard the inner wit

So thank you poetry for your light
Thanks for opening up my sight
Giving me the will to fight
Because of you, I will finally be alright


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