Let's talk about Israel

Let's talk about the bombs

Let's talk about the screaming kids

Hiding between the skirts

Of hysterical moms

Praying to God

To save them

And help them escape

the rockets

Aimed at civillians

Yes, civillians!

How the world excuses such villainy

Makes me question society's sanity.

Let's talk about Gaza

Where Hamas is constantly

Pledging to wipe Israel

Off the face of the earth

Whose inhabitants


That scrap of land

All to themselves

Even though we won it

fair and square

In 1967, in a war

that THEY (the Palestinians)


Over a piece of dirt

Barely bigger than new jersey

And what is Israel worth

Compared to the surrounding Arab countries.

So go home, Hamas.

Go burn down someone else's homes

Go bomb someone else's backyard

Stop teaching your children to throw stones at us

Stop teaching them how to fire a gun

Before they are old enough to run.

I'm on team Israel.

I'm with peace

I'm with the nation that tried to appease

Not once,

Not twice

But three times!

To the other side.

Wake up world.

Stop pointing fingers

Because on the other side,

(where you turn a blind eye)

They're throwing rockets.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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