Mon, 09/08/2014 - 02:17 -- KatieC




If wanting you makes me clingy,

Guess I’m just the monkey on your back always waiting to attack

Can’t relax

Can’t mellow emotion

Wish my affection was a potion that could make you a psychiatrist

Don’t act like this is some fleeting tryst.


But I’m as human as my eyes

Depression comes and goes.

So sorry I’m multifaceted

Not a faucet stuck on lukewarm, moderated to please.

Such a burden to lend an ear?

Guess what, a hundred men are digging canals for ships to envy

Unlimited sympathy much louder than your selfish symphony.


So sit down

Listen close

Treat me like I matter

Every tear you leak out is a tear that makes me madder.

I need better, know better, want a qualified batter

Next time I go to love you, remind me to wince

Thanks for being my make-believe prince.


I hate that I’m a volcano overflowing rotten lava

How twisted can you be to act like it’s a mountain climb to talk to me?

If I hear your voice just once in seven days,

It’s a pathetic trophy for all my praise.

Post-eruption air’s toxic

You’re toxic

But I breathe.


The anger’s subsiding, the wound is cooling in your mold.

Smile, it’s fine. I can do that too.

You’ll be a good influence.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Nothing’s gonna crackle on a damp pile of wood

Would you ever believe that in my dreams where you live


I always give more than you ever could?


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