The Pretty Girl


Don't you love the perfect girl?

The pretty girl, the smart one.
Don't you love her selflessness in the midst of opposition.
It's amazing how she shines to others though her true light is always kept dim
Wear this, say that, be this, do that. So she does, and they applaud! They cheer, they love who she's becoming. 
But they don't love her.
They don't even know her.
They don't see the creative girl, the ambitious girl, the lover. 
They only see the pretty girl, the one they want to use as a cover up,
For all the wrongs and all the flaws,
To let everyone know the problem's solved.
They don't wish to see her live freely, living for them she is only destined to be
The perfect girl.
The pretty girl, the smart one.
Waiting for her chance to show everyone that she's done.
Being the perfect girl,
The pretty girl the smart one.
That's her over there, hoping its okay that she's not one. 


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