The preview of Sinorock soil nails

Sinorock is the largest manufacturer of soil nails in Asia. Soil nails is a bolting system for unstable conditions which can be drilled and grouted simultaneously.

Sinorock designed and manufactured a simple and effective solution to eliminate injuries and danger from falling roof mounts that tunnelling&mining.

Soil Nails provide a means of developing stability in steeply sloping excavation cuts. They are designed to allow the creation of a stable soil mass and can remove the need for conventional retaining structures and anchors. 
Soil Nails are commonly used to stabilize the faces of cut slopes, in order to reduce excavation quantities by the creation of steeply inclined stable slopes to the faces of excavations.
Traditionally Soil Nails have comprised of a single steel member, completely encapsulated by grout, penetrating the ground through the active, “unstable” zone into the resistant, stable zone, thereby providing resistance to the shear forces of the active zone. Soil Nails are similar to soil anchors but have the distinguishing difference of being passive, that is to say that no pre-load is applied as part of the installation process. 
The principal application for Soil Nails is in slope stabilisation, in conjunction with a concrete facing to the slope. They are installed on a relatively closely spaced grid pattern with the objective of creating mass stability in the soil.
Soil Nails are usually installed on an angle to stabilize and reinforce the face of a slope or a wall, and they are often designed in a grid pattern. Similar to micropiles, they are drilled and grouted into place. Some soil nail applications also include a reinforced shotcrete surface for additional stability.
Soil nails offers many benefits:
Used in confined areas
Repairs retaining walls
Installed beneath existing structures next to excavations
Stabilizes landslides and slopes
Quick and easy installation
Cost effective
Used for buildings, garages, and sheds
Sinorock soil nail  Solutions primarily uses Earth Contact Products, LLC foundation repair materials.


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