The priceless gift of friendship


By Stanley Collymore


Genuine friendship is a requisite asset that without

which no relationship that’s worth the name can

logically claim, in any given circumstance,

that devoid of it, whether intentionally

or haplessly unthinkingly, its cynical

desertion or irresponsibly contrived avoidance

don’t actually matter, on the spurious notion

that life, relative to those concerned will

fundamentally, and even unescapably

as formerly continue just the same.

I have personally never or will I

ever advocate such an absurd

illusion or dubious concept

and accounts all the more

as to why your precious

friendship Jana clearly

does and will always

mean so much to me.


© Stanley V. Collymore

3 March 2018.


Author’s Remarks:

You Jana and me totally unknown in every conceivable respect to each other until we unintentionally but auspiciously met have nevertheless since that very first memorable and most enlivening encounter quite fortuitously, mutually appealingly, markedly appreciatively and gaily celebratorily become not only firm but also enduring friends.


A staunch relationship that’s principally due in great measure to the consummate, characteristic, enchanting and deeply ingrained feminine qualities that you Jana so abundantly possess yet unpretentiously display.


And with these evidently and enhancing assets fully and permanently integrated, as they undoubtedly are, with your manifest intelligence, discernment, cultured demeanour, perspicaciousness, bon mot, insightfulness and an ineluctable sexual charisma that zestfully captivates the mind and penetratingly stimulates the physical propensities of all genuinely red-blooded and indisputably heterosexual males, makes you Jana the graceful embodiment of what’s definitively the very best there is about the exemplary female gender and its corresponding femininity.



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