Pride of a mother

Sat, 11/19/2016 - 05:30 -- samyog


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Her heart pained

but a faint smile flickered on her lips

as she bid her son,

her only child.... farewell


A war had broken out,

and he was on his way - to the front,

to save his beloved motherland,

to protect his birthplace from her enemies


He fought bravely

and his mother waited impatiently

for her son to return

to come back to her


Everyday brought a new hope

a hope... that her son will return

but he never came back


For the sake of his beloved country,

he had sacrificed his life

leaving for his mother

 a medal and national honor...

and a heart of pain... and pride



This poem is about: 
My country
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I love my country and all those who sacrificed their precious lives to save her. Our brave soldiers (also known as Gurkha in the world) are always ready to sacrifice themselves for the glory of their motherland. They don't fear death because death is imminent any day. They don't want ordinary death but a glorified death. They aim to be immortal in the form of a genuine martyr.

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