The Problems With Starting A New Enterprise


I'm sitting here, mocked by a blank screen,

thinking maybe some music will shed some light on the scene.

A couple hours ago, I was full of rhyme,

but it looks like waiting too long, I was just out of time.

The ideas just run dry, with sounds assaulting my mind,

coming from all directions, left, right, behind,

family saying how I need to put in effort if I want a good life,

and I'm not saying my life is filled with strife,

but when you put me under pressure, when you say my future's at stake,

how can you expect me to do anything but sit down, quake and shake?

I'm only human, I get a little nervous too,

there's only so much I, as a person, can do.

The thoughts in my head are starting to cloud,

the voices outside and inside are getting too loud.


They bring up the same point, just asking me why,

I'll never be the best at this, so why even try?

It's useless, you might as well lay on  your side,

you can't make a real difference, find somewhere to hide.

I don't wanna look lazy or useless, you see,

but there's not much I can see that stacks up to little old me.

People call me intelligent, gifted, say  that I'm smart,

but if that's true, why can't I make a good piece of art?

Say I'm insecure, sure, but it won't make a difference,

try to boost my morale, it'll just make me wince.


Because, see, the real problem is, I want to work hard,

I just can't think of myself as worth the whole nine yards.

I want to make a difference in the world, change this reality,

but since it's hard to believe I can, I reach a weird duality.

On one hand I want to, on the other, I can't,

so it makes me feel about as large as an ant.

I just turn to fantasy as a way out of my thoughts,

thinking Lord of the Rings may help me somehow connect all these dots.

But they don't line up, so I just want to disappear,

pull a James T. Kirk, and explore a new frontier,

but I'm wasting my life thinking like that, or everyone tells me that's so,

so I guess I'll just boredly go where they all want me to go.



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