Promise to self

The time has come and I must leave, 

To join this young and eager crowd.

I have much time ahead of me, 

And those I love will be made proud.


I seem to know so less about

The things I feel I will become,

Compared to those who seem to shout

of the things they have not yet done.


I will admit I'm very scared

Of this future so very bright.

I cannot know if I'm prepared

To face a life out of my sight.


My feelings cannot be captured

Pertaining the subject at hand.

And I won't know until after, 

If I think I've done all I can.


I wish for a life free of guilt, 

And thus far that need has been met.

Be warned nothing else can be built

In a life filled with poor regret.


I know that I seem to ramble, 

But I know that one thing for sure. 

And with that idea I won't gamble

Or throw all I've done out the door. 


So while my mind does cloud with fear

I will hit this mad world head on.

My life I lead, my life I steer, 

I will be content when I am gone.


And that is a promise.




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