[pur-fikt] or [flaw-lis]


"Perfect" This word leaves me vexed.
I'm amazed and astounded, confused and confounded at the imperfect models of perfection.
The ugliness of what they call "true beauty".
Women who believe they need a big bust and a tight booty.
Men who say "Machismo" is what it takes to be a man.
What does that make me then?
I look away in disgust, I just don't understand.
"If you can't hit those high notes you'll never make your dreams come true."
Just ask yourself this question: If you're just like everyone else then what makes you you?
What makes me flawless although I'm just a man?
I don't need to be macho, my character is strong.
I don't need a great voice, I let my actions sing my song.
I don't need a toned body, it's my mind that'll turn you on, because I make very few mistakes. I don't stay ignorant for long.
My integrity, my pride, my love for my fam.
All this makes me flawless although flawed I am.


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