When I dream of purity, my mind resonates on the sweet scent of honey. 

Honey, in her most natural state, 

her golden richness, 

pure, viscous element

carefully and thoughtfully made

her true authentic dexterity

She has no insincerities, no falcities, 

And one can see her true dementions from the outside in. 

She does not hide anything from her surface, 

she is not afraid of showing her impurity. 

Her authenticity is not hidden or stowed away, 

rather, on a grandeous display in view of every eye. 

She needs no filter, no hidden motive, no beam of light

She does not deserve to be hidden, for her beauty and richness

is not one that can be replicated. 

underneath herself, 

beside herself, 

through and through, 

is true. 

She is honey, she is pure. 










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