Inspired by the Novel "Through the Deep Waters," by Kim Vogel Sawyer, my poem tells the story of a young woman who sold her body to save herself and her mother (set in the mid-late 1800's).


Today the world seems dark and cold,

The stench of mildew is yet still bold,

The sun shines elsewhere, but hark! not here,

In crowded places with no one near.


I am unwanted, wasted, bare,

My, oh my! And how the people stare.

No one knows me, not for who I am,

A guarded secret, tight as a clam.


They tell me of someone, preach His love,

But they don't know I can't be enough.

How could He want someone stained like me?

It's not true, it simply cannot be.


Yet I hear over, over again,

About this man who takes away sin,

His name is Jesus, and He loves me,

Now I am restored to purity.

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