Pushing Past the Storm


United States
39° 7' 44.904" N, 76° 28' 45.9984" W

I’m listening to the rain fall
Like the beating of a shallow heart
As it hits my window I stop
And try to pretend that it’s my rhythm.

But I know that I can’t find my song.
I can feel that it’s waiting for me,
My yet to be spoken destiny.
And I wonder where it’s hiding.

All these years I have held onto
The memories of the past
And I will run in circles
Unless I push myself past

The future holds so many open doors
And I don’t know which one to take
But if I wait for another second
I’ll get lost in the storm



This is for the Poetry Slam Scholarship, and it's about how I feel about my future and how I'm going to get there.


This is such a cool poem- I loved how you wrote about rain falling and the imagery makes it seem more like a small downpour, but by the last line of the poem it is a full storm! Using this imagery helped relate the changing rain to the uncertainty we all have in the journey of life. If you are interested in more inspiration for writing poems, check out "poetry writing tips" in the resources section!

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