.Questions For Him

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 18:27 -- seaster


I gotta couple questions, please answer them honestly.

Because this stuff is gettting old with you, her, & me.

So how does it feel knowing you've broken me down?

Because everyone knows in our hometown.

Why did you do this to the one you said you love?

I guess it was easier once I became a member of your little club.

When you sleep at night, do you relive the pain?

Because I know I did with curses on your name.

Are you finslly feeling what I felt all these years?

Now it's your time to shed just as many tears.

But still you wonder, am I missing you?

My appearance won't show it, but my heart is still blue.'

At the beginning I thought I was buggin', because this was so dumb.

But I soon realized you just had me wrapped arpund your thumb.

Well now I'm smarter and I don't have anymore questions.

I thank you now, because I know you were a blessing.


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