Quirks Stand Out

A smile so bright, a smile so straight. Let it be known, let it be shown.

But a smile not so bright, a smile not so straight. Not quite known, not really shown.

The smile was lost, and laughs were unheard. Hidden behind, scarred hands of hurt.

It had been since birth, that it was like this. Just crooked, to one side.

Wishing and wishing, upon a star. Hoping and hoping, upon the far. As for it, to even out.

My smile is not so bright, my smile is not so straight. How unique, one of a kind.

It is my own, no one else's. None are, quite like it.

My smile is unique, quite rare to think. Though its mine, to keep.

I love its angle, and its shape. I love the beauty, that it makes.

My smile is known,

I enjoy my smile being shown.






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