Race and Humanity


Seven continents in the world.

Billions of men, women, boys, and girls.

Humanity is what connects us with all.

Race should not act as a wall.

Separation and discrimination starts dividing

Leave the hate and start uniting

Black, White, Red, Yellow, we are the same

We only identify as humanity, under one name.


Hate and disgust should not be shared

Treatment of every individual should be fair

Riots and looting is not the answer or the key

the answer is coming together as a "we"

discussions should replace violence and hate

compromise is needed before it is too late


We became a nation under the concept of all are created equal

We must follow in our forefather's footsteeps, and ensure a sequel

that the country will not be divideded on the basis of color or race

so that our forefather's blood and efforts shall not be lain waste.


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