(Racism and prejudice)

Racism, a form of xenophobia ? 

have you seen the media? 

the innumerable racial discrimination 

so what is racisms true definition 

encompasing things like language to ethnithity 

culture to history 

religion and all other things like social affilliation 

people considering them selfes superior or inferior 

or that they are more detestable and disirable 

toward people to care for them selves are not able 

ranging from india-the innocent hindu muslim divitions 

to pakstan-the shia VS suni muslim complications 

Going as far deep as marrage deciets and forced conversations 

from Rusia-hate crimes and human right violations 

to israils like israili arabs and palistanian depretions 

every child going through so many oppretions 

Germany to japan, remember the 800,000 Rwandans 

and the past slave history from Africa to America 

so Ask your self, have you seen a rasist 

or have you your self faced a rasist? 

well hear me out as i face my rasist ! 


u see, 


i was a young kid 

with a wide grin 

in need of a kin 

spinning, tworling, and jumping 

and on to the fun head on i was charging 

u see 

today fun i was in love in 

with in it's realms found happiness in 

were all else to me was nothing 

seeming as something beaing as tiny as a pin 


remember, i never trully diffrentiated the color of our skin 

when you looked at me as something roting like a piece of pigs skin 

but see pigs color is light yes its bright 

you eat is so you must respect its sight thinking immmmmmmmmm such a tasty delight 

so a pigs skin might not be the right thought cought within your simple mind

to resemple my kind 

see to you we was diffrent something similar or so to that of a monkeys or ape skin 

to you we was black like burned woods and charcoil beauty we really lack 

so surely you believe that we cant coexist 

in your brain am non existant a ghost beast 

amuzment to your fiest in wich you expect the least 

and all of your hatred made me climp up to the top of the list 

crowning me as the first ?

i guess i should feel blessed 

i sweer sometimes i wonder why are you so twisted 

hatred you can't resist 

making me feel like a deseased?



seeing the way you was acting was not the wors' of rasism 

u see 

rasism alone is harsh and hurtfull but what happens when you add it to prejudice 

like how how they say dissem he is muslim oh god i hate him 

why cant you be Judism, buddism or hinduism 

just seeing you with that khamis makes me pist 

day after day, your face gets closer to my fist 

or when they say 

"AM SORRY for being such a rasist but i can't recist thinking of you as nothing but a terrorist 

boy your favorite toy is AK-47 and boms that give you joy " 

u see 

roy doesnt know that we are the same 

and that  

we both enjoy math and scienc e

and that 

we both are annoyed by lectures that go to far 

and that 

we both think miami heat is the best in NBA  

you see 

Roy was born around stareo types in the tv and radios 

made him think that i was the worst of all the foes 

that the biggest nicesest prize i seek is to terrorize 

and tell him to stay away is the best advise 


they dont tell him that islam teaches us peace 

to cease fights and matters such as these 

like treading all mankind in matters which are nice 

rather they tell him watch out here comes the scarf around his face 

rather they tell him, killing is religious foundation the bace 

that its the only way to be islam to gain submission 

so of course, 

Roy thinks that i am a boy whose favorite toy is AK-47 and bombs that give me joy 

so of course, 

Roy thinks that muslim is terrorism and rather wants me to be judaism, buddhism, or hinduism instead of muslin 

so of course, 

Roy gets pissed every time i wear khamis and scarf just wants to smash my face with his fist  


and when roy says that am like the saiten 

hurting my feelings with words like "your favorite idol is osama bilatin" 

when to me osama biladin is an example of a bad stain that corrupts our world 

i too cant resist but say 

your prejudice 

your rasist 

you see, 

prejudice and racism is every were 

they start with  simple words that become hard chains on your ankle 

they're litterally unstopable more like immortal, the strongest of all pains 

they come in many forms like toward your skin or believes 

and the racists words are like flying eroes on fire aimed at your heart 

so let me conclude 

I wish for the day when racism and prejudice bcome mortals 

and dies with them all roots they planted 

I wish for the day when roy sees the lies in sterio types and sees the similaries in me and he 

I wish for the day to come for Roy if not 

he is forever and ignorant racism's tool and such a fool 

which leaves me to say 

YOUR PREDUDA...RASIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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