racism, really?

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 00:01 -- sarah96


You think that the only racism that exsist is whites hating anyone else?

Please, you know nothing of discrimination. Have you heard of Denzel Washington?

Did you know that he is predujuce against white people? He's even said it.

But that isn't as big of a deal as if Leoardo DeCaprio said that he doesn't like black people.

Have you ever been a minority? If you haven't I suggest that you take a trip to El Paso, Texas.

You can see the Mexican boarder from any point in the city and you'll be hard pressed to find

another White, Asian, or Black person.

If you ever have a chance to go to El Paso and you're anything other than Mexican or hispanic

I suggest don't, or at least stay on the richy, rich side of town and don't venture too close to

Fort Bliss or the highway.

I awknowledge that there are whites who are racist, but does anyone else realize that minorities

can also be racist. In the 21st century it is just to archaic to be any kind of predujuce and

it is my personal belief that sometimes people try to find predujuce and racism when there isn't any.




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