Rags Are Royalty

They said I be flawless

Said I be drop dead gorgeous and unapologetic for it

They said I be temple

Be home to the broken bones those odds tried to stack against me

My brilliance is immeasurable

As a child of the King you can't tell me I'm not worthy

I am something

I am balled fist in air, protests, and activist

I am blalck is beautiful in all its natural shades

I am everything society tried to bully me out of being

I am nothing like God's image proclaimed me to be

But I matter

I hold worth that I only I need to acknowledge

I am royalty at its finest

The damsel in distress who found her voice in the midst of pain

A sea of hope drowned out all of my regrets and belched out blessings

So now, I am fearless

I am Woman, Mother, Queen



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