The Rain Pours Down

The rain pours down with stories old

With memory too precious

And recollection too dear

For human eloquence to unfold.


The rain pours down it's stories sharing

To all with ears to hear

Of mighty rivers quenched

And ancient seas long dried.


The rain pours down telling only One Story

It's constant choir ever singing

The essence of all stories

Which all shall one day tell.


The rain pours down the Story proclaiming 

That Providence -God's mighty hand

Is stronger than Nature ever changing

Stronger even than the hearts of Men.


The rain pours down it's Story hated

By all men that have ere drawn breath

That love the freedom and the will

More than the yoke and the bliss.


The rain pours down it's Story loved

By all whom Providence has chosen

Elect for sorrows now to bear

But soon to dwell in peace.


The rain pours down it's Story told and ever telling

Inconceivable and strange

But joy nearly tangable

To all who see the Sun.


The rain pours down it's Story a mercy

To all the sons of Prideful Man

Reminding Man of his weakness

Reminding Man of God.



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