Raise your hand


"Raise your hand if you agree with this statement."

I never did raise my hand because no one else did.

My teacher always got mad and went on a tangent,

I really wish I could of made that bid.


Literature is my favorite subject,

I  have an opinion but I never speak,

Different ideas lead to inevitable reject.

I don't want my analysis to be viewed as weak.


I believe pigs can fly,

Technology has gone far.

People will think I have gone ary,

They just focus on The Fault In Our Stars.


What I think right, they think wrong.

I have never met anyone who likes my favorite song.

Nor did I meet someone who never gave me that look,

You know, the one where you just want to have your mouth with a foot.


However, growing up I've realized what should have been obvious,

Mary Jane Holland is the best god damn song that's ever been.

I'll say what I have to say even if I'm seen as slow,

Because pigs can fly, and that smart kid will be the last to know.









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