This is for all you out there,

Who don’t know if anyone gives a care.

You may think maybe they’re right,

maybe I should end my life tonight?

Well guess what your both wrong,

And I am sorry it took us so long,

To figure out the harm we have done.

Noone cares you think, Why am I even here?

You give way to all the lies and your fear,

You cry in silence and anguish from all the sneers,

But, hold up don’t worry dry your tears.

I promise to be a voice when you have none,

When you give out and your just done.

But hold on I know your tough,

And I know this life is horrible and rough.

But please tell me, let me shout

I’ll knock down the doors and take the bully out!

Attention: This is for all you out there

I am a human and I Do Care!


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Great piece, good title and content...thanks!

Allysa Clagg

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback!!! 

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