Reach for the Stars

I open my eyes and what do I see,

People just staring, they're staring at me.

Ever since small I have been judged,

My life has been long, it's been a long trudge.

Everytime I speak it seems like no one listens,

Because of the way I am, with all my conditions.

I get put down, turned against, and sometimes picked on,

It's like I don't belong here, I am just frowned apon.

But one day I will show them who I really can be,

I will show the world, they all will see.

That I am just as normal as everyone out there,

And if you don't like me, well I don't really care.

Because I was raised to be me and to reach for the stars,

While others were just drinking, and put behind bars.

I will make it out there, I promise you will see,

I am just like you, while you are like me.