Reaching the Peak


United States
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I hold on to my past, I know I shouldn’t.

But how can I hold on to anything else?

Mrs. Present is filled with scars from Mr. Past

And of course, Dr. Future is nowhere near


I keep Mr. Past in a black, sealed box

To make sure he doesn’t damage Mrs. Present.

I have been labeled due to this box

They have called me psycho, and hoarder.


I live in a mountain full of memories

From a first kiss to a last goodbye.

Will throwing away this box make me any different?

Mr. Past already built and destroyed.

Reaching the peak won’t make me let go of my past.


According to everyone who claims to care about me

It’s mentally unhealthy to live full of memories, think about it

As soon as you get hurt the first advice will be “forget about it”.

Whoever gives you this advice is clearly playing dumb,

Because they perfectly know you won’t be forgetting it.


Instead of trying to forget your wounds, just learn to love them

Learn to appreciate them as much as your blessings.

Learn to keep memories in a sealed box,

Which only YOU will be allowed to open. 

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