The Real Me

Thu, 08/07/2014 - 01:02 -- yasja23


The real me?

She's outgoing, full of life, fearless, speaks her mind.

The me that society has come to know?

A girl who doesn't alway say what she feels.

A girl who is so reserved, so timid.

A girl who lack self confidence.

A girl who is extremely insecure.

I guess the real question is why?

The real me wants to exist, but she just can't.

Why? Why is that?

That girl is so scared of other people's opinions

She is so afraid of how others may view her

She is so afraid of being judged

She is so afraid.

She may say she doesn't care

And that the opinions of others do not matter;

But they do.

One day, maybe the real me can have a life of her own

Maybe the real me can finally exist.



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