The phrase, “I am bored”, little do I know,

It’s the condition which afflicts the majority of our very own,

A precarious ailment that seems to never let go,

But can indeed be overthrown

However, I do wonder, how it was let run rampant,

Propelling, pushing and shoving many to become stagnant,

I would label this disease as savaged,

Extracting their host’s magnificent and splendid imaginations,

Only to leave behind bodies whom eyes are presently vacant.


But how, I ask, was this disease spread, now mutating into multiple different strands,

For the constant stream of knowledge grows and expands

Beyond its limits, exceeding its reach to other lands,

Our surroundings beckons us to employ our senses,

To see breath-taking horizons our world dispenses,

To taste mouth-watering flavors from recipes kept secure my numerous defenses,

To feel countless of powerful emotions that let you know you’re not dying 

To hear diverse sounds come into harmony, its melody beguiling,

To smell aromas so enticing you believe that you are flying.

All evoking within us,

Multiple sensations,

Inexplicable innovations,

And thousands upon thousands of thought formations,

How is it then, we still feel like at times we are dead?


The awesome powers of nature,

The awesome achievements of man,

Such marvel which can never end,

How can boredom be so wide-spread?

Do me a small, tiny, but grand favor.

Open your eyes, open your minds, and open your hearts,

Explore, dream, and discover the vast unknown,

Don’t let any stone unturned,

For if you bored you are not living, but merely surviving,

The new experiences you will savor  

On that we can place a wager.






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