A Reason to Live

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 02:30 -- sarah96


It’s a deep breath for lungs that struggle to breath,

It’s a drink of water for lips that crack and bleed,

It’s sight for when all the light is gone and the world is black and horrid,

It’s sound when all is silent and solemn,

It’s help for a man who is down on his luck and sees no end in sight,

It’s shade for the weary traveler who hasn’t slept all night,

It’s the shield for weak when the wicked beat upon them,

It’s a blanket upon child that sleeps quietly in bed,

It’s hope for the wife that waits for her solider to return,

It’s the love that a mother and father feel for their child,

It’s the excitement that two young lovers feel.

It’s the expression of what life is; a better way to feel love, life, and victory.

It’s a reason to live.


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