I recorded

Every hair

That fell like the sky

And every pianist

Which played a note

As sharp as the blade

That you used

To stroked your skin

As a mom would brush

The knots from her daughters head


I recorded every hair that fell

as the

Clouds asked for

Forgiveness to the rain

But still left

To the earth

Every hair that fell

Left your mind so cold,

But your heart still warm...

And it touched mine

Leaving no words untold


Now they say your heart is cold

Frozen, nevermore

Now the say your life is gone

As it flies, as it sours

Now they say

You couldn't fight the unwanted war

Your army left you behind

And you opened the door


And they say I'm in denial...

And they say I'm just broken...

Like old wires and gears

But I know you're still somewhere

I know you're still here

You couldn't leave me, I yell

To no ears

I know your heart still beats

In rhythm to mine

Oh please... Oh dear..

I know you're still here, from your soul

To your core

Even if your body is no more...

And your mind is forever frozen and

Every hair on the floor..


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