Like blood matting fur, the hunger

stems down the spine, sweetest torment.

And echoes in fear, a flash, blind

Contrast – the forest awash with red,

swirling, the scent in the breeze, buzz

in primitive grays, chase away

Salvation – follow toward freedom


the perfume of apple pie and

victuals. Craggy melody calls

a siren’s song - trembling fingers

card through stained fur, whisper sweet nothings.

Into perked ears, a lie, too soon.

Warmth chases away hunger like

Shadows that creep slow into night.

But fades as fingers grow stiff


and linger, a musk. And hunger

follows the chill, bleeding. It hurts.

Survive – swallow love and pride

sated but alone. Curl into

memories and blankets grown cold.

Sunk into nothing, fall away-


Until soft chime of lithesome tune

draws from despondent reverie –

Big eyes. Big ears. Big teeth. Skeleton.

She’s not mistress but a morsel

cloaked in red, red, red – like blood. Drool

drips from glittering fangs, silver

tears in dry golden eyes. A scream.


And hunger claws through primal mind,

maw snapped open. The better to –

It hurts. Sorrow. – Eat you with.

Lunge. It will be over soon.

Muscles coiled. Agony. Leap forth,

Apologize – just so hungry.


Screaming grates against bared white teeth,

Scent of food caresses flared nostrils,


sweet – as steel cleaves belly, fur, bone

and frozen fire races through sinew

and synapse, torture. Red pooling

against familiar finery

and hardwood. Shrieks quelled, muddle haze –


Edges blurred as weight piles in cold

dragging through viscera and acid,

sharp. Thick twine, a serpent, burning

through tender meat, drawing up fraught


edges. Water blinds and binds; sinking.

Red. Red in clouds, fade to black. Ice.

Pain sharp, shrinking away. Heave, drown.