A Reflective View of Life’s Injustices

Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to try,

When other get things handed out to them so easily.

Should I try, when I know that others get the same for free?

Should I give up the fight before it even begins?

Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to try

But try I must, because I am a but the product of a generation

Of hard workers. I must strive for the unachievable

For they set me on this course to be the first

To do something meaningful.

Meaning is not something that exist where I come from

It is but an invented idea that one must aspire to be

For dreams do not always come true.

But, I refuse to believe this  

For I know why I even bother to try?

I am meaningful and I will do something meaningful

For I am a change-maker, rule-breaker, conscient thinker of my generation

It is but for them that I must try

When others get things handed out to them freely.

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