Refusal To Be Anything But Great

Here I am

Alone in this room, Alone in this house

The front door, I hear it slam

She's home.

Home from the endless days and nights

Home from the job that barely pays enough

To feed our mouths.

I see the daily struggle

I am the daily struggle.

In school, I work so hard

So hard to be recognized

Refusal to be overlooked, like the woman I call "Mom".

Hip Hip Hooray! 

Tassels shift, hats are tossed, cetifications are awarded.

Graduation. A parent can be so proud.

But not fortunate enough to attend.

The job that barely pays enough to feed our mouths.

Refusal to be overlooked...

Endless days and nights in an office that pays more than enough

Alone in this room, Alone in this office.

I am the struggle.


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