I sit down and wait. I look up at the clock until the hour and minute hand says three o’clock.                                  

By now, my friends should be settling at the table. I wonder, where might my friends maybe?

I hope they are not running late because we have, a very important date.

Though I wasn't expecting many to come Because they think that I’m no fun.

So as I wait, I made sure that everything was perfectly done.

I moved the pizza, chips, and drinks to the center

Now I patiently wait for them to enter. Two hours pass, I begin to worry.

What if they don’t come? Beads of sweat start to form. I thought my friends liked me.

Am I not kind and caring? Am I not loyal? Calm down…Maybe they’re lost?

Maybe they’re all sick? Or…maybe at the door but first, taking a group selfie pic.

I fear for the worst. Maybe they’re not coming at all.

Tears start to form, and one by one they glide down my face.

Because deep down I am certain, my friends have abandoned me, again. 

As I sit here alone, I pretend that my “friends are here.”   

I slowly wipe my tears, rise from my chair, then, I raise my glass and give cheers. 

I say: I am alone and hurt that no one showed but, I must not let loneliness creep in.

Ever since I can remember, loneliness has always been my enemy.

We go back and forth, like a game of tug of war.

I won't let my enemy draw me into the dark abyss.

I will make friends with the light. Across the table is my bright light friend.

He stares at me and says, “Have you forgotten me? It is I, your ultimate friend!

Who even in the end will never abandon you. Do not let loneliness sadden your heart and soul.              

Pray to me, and I will give you the strength to take control.”

He lifts his glass to me with a warm smile. Eternally grateful for his assurance that I am not alone,

I can eat and drink having a good time on my own.

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