There was a certain familiarity to it
Like breathing.
Creating a stage of my  own desires
With my pen

There was a certain excitement to it
A rush like no other.
Deciding the fates of men and worlds
When not even you know what is going to happen next

There was a certain tragedy to it
Pain, heartache, anxiety, anger
Vibrant words dancing on a page
That no one else could quite decipher

There was a certain discovery to it
Sudden understanding, epiphanies grasped
A final conclusion come to
In just the nick of time

There was a certain peace to it
Weights lifted, soft lights.
A wry smile upon my face
Unbeknownst to even myself.

Most importantly, was the certain life to it
Just as blood pumps through my veins
Ink flows from my fingertips
Distracting my mind from the harsh Reality.


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