I want a council when I come with injustice
What choice do you give me alone?
They do not have enough value to make me bertas
And why do you come to me to break into the uleras
And my country will take their place
My life will go according to their actions
Fuck analogy you just smile
We will always have worms among us
If you think you should show the country
Do with your achievements that this is the way
Do not be like them as stobs said
Life is a joke but you laugh at them
They hurt themselves by being drunk with anger
Helmet their life losing the clock
Quietness is my superpower
From people I get lessons but I remember in memories
I want tranquility but noisy calm I want to be good but badly goodnessI want to keep shield but it's nice freedom
I want you all but your friendship
You do not want to bertas but it's the top volume
I want to look away but those close to not to clear

This poem is about: 
My community


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