Religious Terrorism

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 04:36 -- Hot Rod

What happens when we die?
The dumbest question of all.
Why can't people see what's right in front of them?
Waste your time at church.
say your prayers.
Keep proving how dumb we are.
It doesn't matter to me because true enlightenment comes with the truth.
When you die, guess what, you die.
nothing more. nothing less.
After centuries of abuse and misleading information
it really shows on our age's intellect.
Is raising our children on lies a good way to teach them morals?
All in all, it sounds like believing in heaven and hell is like terrorism
Scare everyone into behaving how you want them.
At least it tells everyone to be nice.



Truth is, no one cares about your feelings so you come on here to be heard. I pity you. You will never make it in the poem world if u keep writing your feelings down. Try writing about real stuff, something only brighter minds can relate to.


Not sure what point you were trying to get across here, poeticmindset7, but the purpose of is to be heard and respected for one's work, thoughts, and (believe it or not) feelings. Please be respectful of others in our community.


poeticmindset7 what type of poet isn't open minded? Me writing my feelings down is getting me to collage. I understand you being offended by this anti- God poem,but the talent cant be denied. You should work on being more considerate.