Remember the Dripping Feathers


I am a creature of heaven and earth,

A creature, a feature of the world since birth.


Feathered like the robin who's song generates

Such wonder to the ears in its undulating course.

As soft as the squirrel who's constant chippering,

Extends his joy to every stone, leaf, and branch.

Stubborn like the donkey who's unstrained bearing

Betrays the brunt of his burden.

Meticulous like the spider, weaving.

My imagination a rapid;

Racing through my hands,

Water falls on every canvas.


I am bright like the stars, a worker bee,

While there remiains a huge expanse around me.

Resilient like the tetherball, whipped through the air,

Winding, whirlng, suddenly in tears.

Contagious peace, like the snow,

I spread calm to the chaos around me.

Every raindrop a dream, sleep

Sends a mother, a teacher.

Sister, child, student, ozone in the air.


But what i've seen on the screen isn't fair.

That I sometimes forget my dripping feathers,

My song, my river, my teathers.

Slowly I lose my dreams until there remains but the smell of rain.

Then, alone, I remember my feathers

And wonder, why cant we be ourselves together?

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My community
My country
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