Revealing till the end

I sit in my room shedding the most tears . I'm wondering if the struggling is going to stop or is the end almost near . Whenever I cry my heart bleeds . I'm surprise I'm living because it never receives all the things it need. You try so hard to make things go away but at  end they always seems to stay. I talk to god but not that often anymore . You say I have an annointing but yet have another closed door. So what should I do or what should I say ? They say never question god but we do it anyway . Please god I'm asking you to make things better because I'm tired of my heart living in this unfit shelter . Crying never gets old and they say it makes you bold but if it's true I say a lie has been told. You still cry but your testimony makes you stronger . I want to live but no on this cruel and restless world any longer.

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