I am raw.

I am unseasoned and unripe and still spinning the strands of my cocoon.

I am transparent.

My shaking hands and desolate mind have surpassed even me and I am left in the rainstorm, standing up to my knees in fear and commotion. 

For I am but a traveler in this dry desert looking for a well.

I believe life, is just that.

I believe we are simply a minuscule dot in this vast universe.

And I believe we are alone.

I believe we are here by accident, hanging on by pure chance, because I would not call this small, empty planet lucky. And therefore, life is not predestined or purposeful; we are simply human souls composed of raw skin and hollow bones.

I hope the future is not constructed of only tragedy, as I have seen it to be.

I hope the towers of the unknown do not crumple and the faces these dreams paint on the walls of my cave do not vanish by the time I take my first steps out of my shell.

I hope I can taste the sugar before it dissolves because everything is only temporary, even love and even sorrow.

I admire the way humans can live amongst each other, even though we are composed of 62% oxygen and 23% carbon, we have the full capacity to care and love for one another, and each hold the ability to shatter a life.

I love the way cultures have built societies so unique and so grand and have created morality, a black and white version of good vs. evil. How a society has strength to corrupt generations with their beliefs.

I love the way the sun sets over the mountains and rises over the sea. I love the beauty of this planet and the way we have paved roads and built skyscrapers over this beauty.

I love how some find that all things are good and I love the way some find all things are bad, that there is no right way to see the world as long as you see it. And I love the way we can inhale corruption or we can lock our white picket fences. For I truly believe no life can be wrongly lived.

I wish to have all the knowledge of the world and all perspectives of life inside my head. 

I wish to mend people back together though they may be torn and exposed. 

I wish equality and acceptance for all.

But I wish for things that fall through my fingers like raindrops.

I am afraid of the power held in the darkness. I am afraid of what I cannot see and what is not tangible. 

I fear rejection I fear disappointment and I fear abandonment.

Though bloodied and bare I stand on a mountainside, I am filled with colorful strands of will and wanting. A wanting for a beautiful identity, smothered in the skies and grounded in the earth. 

I am emerging into the sunlight as pale and fragile as I may be. 

I am breathing dry heat into my lungs and swirling the ends of the earth around my tongue.

Suspended over a cliff, my veins pulse with the potentials of the heavens and my teeth click with cravings of the universe. 

And all at once, I jump.... 


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