Root of Evil


Praying to my god

Testimony say im saved,

police got me under heat,

youngins screaming what you claim,

you know the street, its anger pumping through my viens,

surrounded myself with demons im clutching on to my faith,

but everyday i see a new struggle,

definition of provider

mean i gotta find a way to make a new hussle,

matching up to my environment,

if i couldnt find it, man i gotta do something,

stand up, cant stand down,

man up when its man down,

make moves cant stand around,

its the root of evil in my two eyes,

money nappy, my roots dry,

patiently waiting for precipitation when the situation look futile,

i got a couple brothers who about to do time,

and other loved ones seen the reaper,

it seem like everyboys looking for a pot to piss in on the mission for the root of evil



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