Running From My Dreams


Is it me,

Or am I the only person running from my own dream?

I yearn for it,

Football is calling my name.

I love it so much,

I half way think I am insane.



The script has flipped.

I thought I wanted the ball,

But the ball wants me.

I run and run until I can not feel my own feet.



Why am i running from the ball?

Why am I running from my dream?

The ball does not want me,

It was all an allusion,a sick twisted dream.


I want it now,

I want the ball to come back and chase me,

I want to run with it,

I want both of us to feel free.


I finally understand it

I was not running from the ball

I was running from me.


I can do this,

I will stop running.

Finally, I have conquered the race against my dreams.


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