The Sacred Curtain

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 22:59 -- Knich26


I am just a person

the same as all of you

Just a human

behind bars of untrue


I go along with all of the fads

that our generations uphold

but to tell the truth

I am not that bold


My generation smokes weed

and gets the dope

while im in my corner

filled with hope


the hope of being

one day a business man

with a wife and kids

holding hand in hand


for i say i am cool

with my Jordan's and iphone

but really... I

Yes I am just skin and bone


i sit in class

and joke to act cool

say things about the teacher

but really its just cruel


the teachers are nice

and to who i can relate

while to my friends

i am just shark bait


they want me

to whelm their every order

and expect me 

to take it and roll over


so i do...

i hide behind my curtain

living in a life

filled with uncertain


i wish to, but i can't burn the curtain

because it is sacred

in this big world

filled with hatred


but the truth

that is hidden by the curtain

is no longer true

because you become that sacred curtain.


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