The Sad Boy

Let me begin by asking you this.

Have you ever been ignored by people

who you have been talking to?

Because I know I have.

Have you ever thought that your friends

Are really not your friends?

Is there a day in which you have not been ignored?


I feel like a clown, no one can take me seriously.

Sometimes I have the best things to say but,

People just do not care if they interrupt you.

Does that ever happen to you?


To the worst of my friends, should I sing the Siren Song?

Make them listen no matter what.

Or should I become the invisible hand,

Controlling them like a puppeteer controls his puppets?


Do you think I go home and cry?

Seven-year-olds and I are very alike.

We both get mad when we are not listened to

And cry over split milk.


Have my friends ever listened to me,

Or were they just made so they can make me mad?

Is there a cruel higher being,

Who loves to make my life terrible?

Is my life being told on My Miserable Life?


Would you be friends with a person,

Who goes home and hurts himself?

Will I one day find myself dead as a doornail?


Should I speak to the lurid Grim Reaper?

And become his best friend.

If I become friends with him,

For all of eternity he can listen to me.

Or am I even meritorious for him?


My life is a constant battle.

Is the reason for being ignored my personality

Or is it the people I hang out with?

Maybe its because my breath reeks like onion.

Or is it an innuendo for I have no friends?


Every year at Christmas I write letters to Santa.

Even he ignores me. I never get what I want.

Not even coal!


Sometimes I wonder if I was brought to my parents by a stork.

And if I was, did my parents even ask for me or have any approbation for me?

Did anyone want me?


I cry from time to time.

Never tears of joy though,

For they are the puriest of tears,

Which I can never experience. 

My life is a dream-song

That has reached its end.


I can not go on the way I am living.

I must ingratiate myself with the people around me.

For if I do not, my life will cease to exist

And I will be lost to those who once remembered me.


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